Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bergen - Norwegian Wood

When you marry a sailor, you know you might end almost anywhere on the planet. Of course, you picture anywhere with a lot of sun, palmtrees, warm sea, numerous mojitos and an all-year-round-tanning. Well, Bergen is not celebrated for any of the above.

All for the best: we all know that very little sun, much rain and salmon-based diet is what we should want to keep our complexion glow. So, two days before leaving for Bergen, Norway, far far far up north from Avenue Montaigne, or even from Boulevard Haussmann, I am, at least, confident that each year there will NOT count on my solar capital.

Yes, but... i could not help but wonder: where will I go shop?

Well-intentionned friends have given me some hints: Céline, thanks to her, thinks Bergen is the perfect place to shop Martin Margiela on sale (if only....). But she seems to have a special talent to find her stilettos in a haystack.

I googled it a lot (try "shopping in bergen" if you are not afraid of getting bored) and did not find any really juicy/attractive/"ohmigod I want this outfit" site nor blog.(Ok, i may have missed some interesting norwegian-written ones)

So, my first move up there -just after getting a new cell phone to chat with my luckily-still-in-Paris friends-will be to try and find some proof that even up up up there, fashion is not dead frozen!

Hope to hear from you... and see you in two days in Bergen!

PS: Norwegian wood, because today is the world release of the remasterised complete work of the Beatles, so, it's a bit of an hommage!